Richmond Establishes High School For Addiction Treatment

A Sober High School Aims to Catch Addicted Teens Before They Become Fatal Statistics
October 31, 2017
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January 4, 2018
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Richmond Establishes High School For Addiction Treatment

Richmond will soon be home to Virginia’s first high school for teens recovering from addiction.

The McShin Foundation and St. Joseph’s Villa will jointly operate the McShin Academy, a Northside high school where all the students will have one thing in common.

They’ll all be in recovery from addiction. McShin Foundation CEO Honesty Liller says for students, there won’t be the peer pressure they usually face at regular high schools.

“A lot of the kids would tell us that our drug dealer is literally sitting in the desk next to us.”

McShin Academy can accept up to 50 students and will open as soon as two students are enrolled. Modeled on the successful Archway Academy in Houston and will be the first high school of its kind in Virginia

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